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07 Sep 2018
03 Août 2018

LLC visits

The pre-opening tours for the university staff are well attended – more than two-hundred colleagues already got an impression of the interior architecture of the LLC as well as of the future services. So if you are a university member take your chance until the end of August and register for these tours via the link sent around in the uni-newsletters. We also welcomed already some international guests like the delegation from Kladno, the Czech partner city of Esch, who […]

27 Juil 2018

Workplace Reservation System

We don’t know yet how crowded the LLC will be – but in case you worry about finding a space for your group work session or your individual work, we will have something for you: the reservation system that allows you to book different kinds of collaborative working areas and special individual work spaces in the LLC. Look forward to an easy way of securing your favourite space in the LLC as well as to the practical features these spaces […]

26 Juil 2018

LLC in the media

The most famous Luxembourgish news station presented the Luxembourg Learning Centre on their website. If you want to see some footage of the current situation in the LLC as well as interviews with the Vice-Rector for academic affairs Romain Martin and the head of the LLC Marie-Pierre Pausch then click here.

20 Juil 2018

Laptop lending machine installed

Were you ever short of a laptop for a presentation or a group work session? No problem in future: the Luxembourg Learning Centre will offer 24h loans via its laptop lending machine!

06 Juil 2018

The service zone at your service

The Luxembourg Learning Centre – a place of service. This is how we see it and this is how the service zone in the entrance area has been designed. Approachable, open, comfortable.

29 Juin 2018

The shelves are lit up.

The word “beautiful” is normally not reserved for describing library shelves – but these illuminated ones deserve it, we think.

22 Juin 2018

Book archive moved to the LLC

After the first staff has moved into the Luxembourg Learning Centre in spring, now the first books arrived! The archived collection has found a new place on the moveable shelves in the LLC. If you worry about getting access to this one book you urgently need, don’t worry – the librarians will secure its delivery to your campus library. But it gets even better: after the opening of the LLC in September we will make the book archive accessible to […]

21 Juin 2018

The LLC website is ready – as you can see…!

We are happy to finally publish the new website of the Luxembourg Learning Centre! It will keep you posted about the forthcoming of the LLC amd will give you some background information on the project. Discover. Explore. Enjoy.