Monthly Archives: June 2018

29 Jun 2018

The shelves are lit up.

The word “beautiful” is normally not reserved for describing library shelves – but these illuminated ones deserve it, we think.

22 Jun 2018

Royal Visit for the LLC!

The King and the Queen of The Netherlands visited Luxembourg from 23 to 25 May 2018. The new Luxembourg Learning Centre and the “Maison du Savoir” featured on the agenda for their visit. The Royal couple visited Luxembourg at the invitation of Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and Duchess of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. On Thursday 24 May, the King and the Queen, together with the Grand Duke and Duchess as well as representatives from both governments, came […]

22 Jun 2018

Book archive moved to the LLC

After the first staff has moved into the Luxembourg Learning Centre in spring, now the first books arrived! The archived collection has found a new place on the moveable shelves in the LLC. If you worry about getting access to this one book you urgently need, don’t worry – the librarians will secure its delivery to your campus library. But it gets even better: after the opening of the LLC in September we will make the book archive accessible to […]

21 Jun 2018

The LLC website is ready – as you can see…!

We are happy to finally publish the new website of the Luxembourg Learning Centre! It will keep you posted about the forthcoming of the LLC amd will give you some background information on the project. Discover. Explore. Enjoy.