Monthly Archives: August 2018

23 Aug 2018

Quiet please!?

Traditional libraries often demand complete silence from their users. In the LLC you will not be shushed if you talk at a reasonable sound level. We even encourage collaboration of our users in the designated areas of the building. Still we know that sometimes absolute silence is key for focused working. That’s why we offer 54 workplaces in quiet zones, located on two floors in six closed, but light-flooded rooms. To support you even more to immerse yourself into whatever […]

16 Aug 2018

Cubes arrived

In the LLC jargon a cube is an individual workplace dedicated to silent work. They are colorful, funny, ergonomic, equipped with a desk lamp, electrical outlet as well as an USB-port; and: they can be reserved! 25 of them in orange and yellow are located at level -2 next to the art & literature collections. 14 in blue are located on the second floor next to the engineering & medicine collections. Hard to imagine? Have a look at the picture […]

08 Aug 2018

Computers all over the place

In the LLC computers were installed in various types of work spaces. All users can make use of: 152 individual work stations equipped with a desktop PC, 163 collaborative work spaces with access to a PC and multimedia functionality 53 tablets integrated into shelves for your quick access to our catalogue and 14 tablets attached to some comfortable armchairs for a relaxed read. Still there are 352 work stations without computers, but with electric sockets and USB-ports, and 54 work […]

03 Aug 2018

LLC visits

The pre-opening tours for the university staff are well attended – more than two-hundred colleagues already got an impression of the interior architecture of the LLC as well as of the future services. So if you are a university member take your chance until the end of August and register for these tours via the link sent around in the uni-newsletters. We also welcomed already some international guests like the delegation from Kladno, the Czech partner city of Esch, who […]