VALENTINY HVP architectes

Building length:

110 m (plus 60 m of the old part of the Möllerei that was left as is)


7 (5 open to the public, 1 archive floor, 1 technical floor)

Square metres:

ca. 14,000 m2 in total – of which…
Public space: 9,000 m2
Administration: 880 m2
Archives: 650 m2
Conference Centre: 310 m2
Entrance: 160 m2
Café: 260 m2
Garden: 170 m2

Number of seats:

> 1,000 – of which…
Individual work places: 558 (with PC: 152)
Collaborative work places: 408 (with multimedia functions/laptop: 163)
Conference room work places: 85

Shelf capacity:

10,700 linear metres

Project planning:


Construction work:




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The attractiveness of the Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC) arises largely from its architecture that was designed by the Luxembourgish architect Valentiny HVP. The integration into the steel structure of the old Möllerei next to the two remaining blast furnaces as well as the contrast between the third of the building that was left as is and the futuristic, partly spatial, façade composed of triangular, spotted glass elements, embosses the DNA of the Cité des Sciences into the LLC building.

For the design of the façade elements, the architects were inspired by the patterns found on the old factory windows which were covered by the remains of the aggregates of the steel production. These patterns now serve as an aesthetical design element and, at the same time, as a functional element that regulates the light influx into the building – depending on the orientation the patterns are more dense to reduce the light influx , for example on the south side, while they are more open on the north side.

Seen from the outside, the façade patterns seem to be opaque. From the inside, its permeability becomes visible and, with the high portion of natural light, an agreeable and open atmosphere is created. The permeability and openness of the façade is perpetuated by the design of walls and ceilings: floating elliptical-shaped platforms on thin, partly slanting columns within a lot of open space which allow for spectacular and surprising views, a giant skip from the old steel production with the conveyor belt running from the inside to the outside of the building up to one of the blast furnaces directly next to the building, and a prominent main staircase connecting the spaces from the basement to the top floor within the middle of the building. To control the acoustics in such an open environment, sound-reducing carpets on the floor and acoustic panels on the ceilings have been installed. To reflect the high level of the building’s architecture and to counterbalance the quite industrial black-and-white dominance, the French agency, Ligne & Couleur, was consulted to compose the interior design with colourful furniture following a scheme that distinguishes the different levels of the building.

Finally, the LLC houses a café, a conference centre, and, on top of the administration blocks, three “garden” areas which complete the picture of an open, attractive, fascinating, and vivid public space.